10 Cheap Ways To Decorate Your Dorm Room

Cheap ways to decorate your dorm room

Results day is here, how did everyone get on? Regardless of what you got, Well Done. Exams are never easy but now its time to relax and think carefully think about your next step, which for some of you will be going to the Uni you wanted.

Being a student is never easy though, we know! It’s a big step into “Adulthood”. Living on a tight budget and  possibly moving miles away from your friends and family into a whole new accommodation. It’s scary!

So how can you create a homely student room for the big move? We have put together a list of 10 cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.


cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.

This is a common touch that students will use when looking for cheap ways to decorate your dorm room. Hanging them above your desk or bed can create a POI (point of interest) to anyone who visits. Its also a great way to create a sense of harmony and peace in your room. You could even try some netting lights and fill a whole wall – almost as a nighttime feature wall.

DIY Featured wall


A featured wall in any room makes it look more expensive, but it doesn’t have to be expensive. You can create your own print mural which could be a cost effective way of displaying your favourite image/s. Although this is a time consuming job, it works and looks amazing! (if coordinated correctly,obviously) Alternatively, PhotoWall have their own print murals at an affordable but varied price. They have a huge range for you to choose from!

Washi Tape

cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.

This stuff is genius and perfect for cheap ways to decorate your dorm room. You can use it in all sorts of ways like, framing posters and images on your wall that you want to stand out more. Decorate the lining of your shelves or even make geometrical patterns. It comes in so many different patterns and colours you will get lost in what to pick! Make sure you consider your dorm colour schemes as you don’t want them to look odd and out of place.

DIY Canopy Bed

cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.

Another great way of making your student dorm look more expensive than it actually is, is putting up a  bed canopy and create more of a sanctuary for yourself. There are a number of unique ways you can do this. Obviously be careful this does not go against your dorm regulations. See here how to make your DIY bed canopy.


cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.

Although this may seem like an obvious one, it’s  true. Not enough students are using this tip yet complaining their dorms are boring and “not them”. Make your dorm your own (until you have to move again next year) hang up your favourite band posters and pictures of your friends and family. Try putting the pictures in sync with the lights above your desk and let them be lit up for you to see. You could even border them up with the washi tape we mentioned earlier!

Plant pots/flowers

cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.

Colour and nature and two things which work well together to fill empty spaces. You may find your dorm room is too small and would clutter it up by having plants. if so, move on to the next tip. Nature is another great yet affordable way to add character and style to your room. Try with smaller plants first and have a play around to see what works best and where!

DIY marquee sign

Screen Shot 2016-08-18 at 15.54.30

Although we already mentioned about lights, you can never have too many. This is one of our favourite cheap ways to decorate your dorm room. You can really take your twist with it too. Yes this is DIY and yes it is SO easy! You have nothing to loose with this one.

New Bedding

cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.

Fresh bedding. Mmm… everyones favourite feeling. You are starting a brand new chapter of life so I think your bed deserve a new start too with some fresh new bedding to fit in with the rest of your room decor. By doing this simple tip, you will notice a massive different to your dorm room and probably won’t ever want to leave your bed.


cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.

Can’t afford a TV in your room this year? No probs. We have you covered with this DIY TV. (well it’s more of a projector but it’s super cheap and easy to make) This is one tip that could change student life forever and save you a large amount of money. It’s great to use when you are having a night in with the rest of your student buddies.

DIY Word Art

cheap ways to decorate your dorm room.

This can could be an alternative to your feature wall. Again you can do this with the Washi tape we mentioned earlier. Find a POI in your room and carefully create your own wall wording art. This is a really cheap way to decorate your dorm room and make it more unique to you.

Don’t forget to share these ideas with your fellow uni mates and get them involved in creating the perfect dorm room. We hope you found these cheap ways to decorate your dorm room helpful, we hope to see some of these put in action so send them in on Twitter at: @Canterbury_Oak

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