6 Christmas Incentives All The Family Will Love.

Christmas is nearly upon us and with just over a month to go, it’s time to start thinking about bringing the festive season to your home. Don’t panic! We have put together a list of 6 Christmas Incentives to get the whole family in that festive mood!

Christmas insentives

Scented Candles

Christmas incentives

Who doesn’t love a scented christmas candle? (We love a spiced cinnamon candle!) They are the best things to lay around your home and light on an evening, fill the house with an instant christmas smell for the perfect christmas incentives.

Hot Warmers

Christmas incentives

Christmas is the time to snuggle up to one of those cosy, fluffy blankets on the sofa with a steaming cup of hot chocolate – it’s the perfect Christmas drink for anyone. Why not try some new flavours this year?

– For anyone 18+ why not try some of these alcoholic hot chocolates! Our favourite is the red velvet!

Cosy Accessories

Christmas incentives

Unlike summertime, it’s colder in the house this time of year. Use these top tips on how to save you money this year on your winter heating bill OR go out and purchase some super comfy blankets snuggle up in front of the sofa with your hot chocolate.

Clear up

Christmas incentives

This is a big thing, especially if you have kids and plan on buying more toys than they already have! Throw them out or donate them to a local donation centre where it can be sent off to someone who would appreciate them. It also means you have plenty more room to put more Christmas incentives up!

Winter themed hanging decorations

Christmas incentives

Let guests and family members in your home have some sparkly wall decorations to watch out for. You don’t have to smother your home with them, just add the odd festive picture and let everyone  stop to let the Christmas incentive set it!


Christmas incentives

Candles are a great way of creating a warm sense around your home but you can also create this effect with fairy lights and hang them around main features of your home like your fireplace or that large mirror on the living room wall to give your home a real twinkle!

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