8 Tips To Safeguarding Your Home Whilst Abroad


Summer is here, the kids are off school and that  can only mean one thing for some of us Brits this time of year… A nice sunny (or cold) trip abroad with the family. Although you will already have a thousand other things to worry about, like making sure nobody forgets their passport and everyone’s got all their essentials, you need to also think about safeguarding your home whilst abroad too.

We have put together a some Tips to safeguarding your home whilst abroad to save yourself any unwanted bills or any unexpected Peaky Blinders over the next week or two…

Ask A Close Friend/Family Member For Help.

This can be one of the most crucial ways of safeguarding your home whilst abroad. It’s always best to rely on someone who is local and can easily get to your home, even in emergencies. This can open a number of ways to give your home the utmost protection (even if it is going to cost a batch of your best chocolate-chip cookies) Allow this person to have a key to your home and ask them to visit at least once everyday to check on your home, feed any pets you may have and play out a routine as though you were home in case any burglars are actually watching.

Curtains Closed?

If you can’t get someone to watch over your home, this is sometimes a tricky question to answer. Think about how you would usually have them and maybe leave them like it, or at least don’t shut the outside world out as this will look suspicious to any burglars that be in the area. You could always replace your curtains with shutter blinds.

Lights on?

Although our curtain situation is a little easier to resolve when safeguarding your home whilst abroad. You don’t want to have a huge electricity bill when you get home by leaving lights on. We encourage you to buy a light timer which you can program to automatically to turn on and off your lights. Just like your central heating. This again doesn’t raise any suspicion from local burglars by seeing a constant light on in your home.  – Make sure you consider things like when you would usually turn your lights on and off, even you would go to bed.

Install Alarm System.

Another great way of adding extra security to your home, is by installing an alarm system which connects to the local police station. By alarming the police first about your vacation, this will raise a higher prioritise. Alternatively, you could also have it connected to your friend/family’s smartphone to allow them to get notified so they will be notified if anything was happening to your home.

Un-Plug everything!

Although you may have your friend/family member coming round daily safeguarding your home whilst abroad, try to remember switch off and unplug all other plugs as this could save money and prevent any power-surges happening. Better safe than sorry!

Remove the “locked-out” spare key.

When safeguarding your home whilst abroad a common mistake people make is to leave their spare key in the most obvious of places, like the plant pot or the wobbly brick coming out the wall. We advise, even if you have a security key lock holder on the external area of your home you remove this too – just for safe-keeping.

Safe-Keeping Valuables.

Talking of safe-keeping your house key, you should also put away any valued items or possessions into a safe. Such as:

  • Jewellery/Money
  • Expensive/irreplaceable items etc.

So in case anything was to happen at least only you will ever know the code! Make sure you hide it up, though.


Make sure you check every window and door lock in your home to be sure they are securely locked and nobody is getting in. Although this might not be as necessary having a friend/family safeguarding your home whilst abroad, it can still be beneficial.

We hope you found these tips helpful when safeguarding your home whilst abroad. If you have any of your own tips, feel free to leave them in the comments.

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