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How To Maintain Oak Furniture

How To Embrace Pantones Colour Of The Year In Your Home

Every year, Pantone dominate a colour of the year which influences nearly everything. It has been a tradition, for each calendar year to represent a colour. This year, it has been revealed that Pantone have found the colour as more of a blend between Rose Quartz and Serenity.

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Bed Size Guide

double bed size

We frequently get asked what the differences are between the various bed sizes and which ones are best suited for peoples needs. Interestingly, retailers can call any bed they want “double” or “king size” without this necessarily having to mean anything. However, there are sizes Read More

How To Maintain Oak Furniture

How to Maintain Oak Furniture



Oak furniture is made to be used and designed to last, and a few simple precautions can avoid any unnecessary damage. First step is to make sure that you carefully read any brochure and instructions received on purchase as specific instructions can vary depending on the type of manufacturer.

1. When you move your furniture it is always wise to pick it up rather than drag it to avoid damaging the foot of the furniture. Read More

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