8 Awesome Halloween Decor Ideas.


We are less than a week away until Halloween strikes again. Have you got your halloween decor and costumes at the ready? If not, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with these awesome, easy to make Halloween decor ideas. They are great fun and will look great inside and outside your home. You can even get the kids involved too!

White Sheets

Halloween DecorThis can be a great Halloween decor idea of creating an erie setting in your home. It’s pretty simple so we don’t have a guide for you to follow. Just visit your local pound shop or retailer and pick up some basic white sheets and put them over your furniture such as chairs and tables.


Halloween Decor

Again, this is an easy thing todo and it makes a great way of lighting up your home. You can pick up some creepy candles from your local shop or, use this guide below to create your own candle. They look great and will give your home the perfect Halloween’ey lighting.

How-To guide
Floating Heads

Halloween Decor

This can be for indoors or outdoors and are great at giving people a frightened scare. They are pretty easy to make and don’t have to cost you a fortune either. Although this guide below does not show it, you could try decorating the mannequin heads and create your own Halloween decor nightmares.

How-To guide
Creepy Cobwebs

Halloween DecorCobwebs are a big thing in Halloween decor and you can buy pre made cobweb stickers OR, make your own – for free! All you need is black bags, a black marker pen and a pair of scissors. They look great on walls or doors of your home. Try threading some cotton wool through it too to give off a more dusty effect.

How-To guide
Broom (glow) stick

Halloween DecorThis is a great little accessories for your little ones Halloween costume (or yours!). It’ll defiantly stand out from the crowd for being unique. We suggest you doing this one for them though as it involves a lot of sharp objects which are dangerous. Find out how to make these below.

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Wall stickers

Halloween DecorAlthough this isn’t much of an “idea” – they are a great way of creating the ultimate Halloween decor lair. You can get so many different types it’ll be hard to pick! Try and keep with just one theme, you could choose a different theme for each room but try to create a more flawless setting without being too random.

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Glowing eyes

Halloween DecorThis is a great idea for outside your home, especially if you are having a house party and are expecting guests, it’ll be one way to give them a fright! You could put them in your backyard too if you’re having a bonfire. They look amazing and are effortless to make without spending too much.

How-To guide
Scary Soap

Halloween Decor

This is another good one for if you’re holding a Halloween party. It will be sure to give them a fright next time they go to wash their hands. They won’t take long to create and make a great little Halloween decor extra.

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