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Summer is finally upon us, whether we can call this typical British weather “Summery” or not but, although it may not feel like Summer yet, the spirit is still there and homes up and down the country are preparing fresh ideas for their home improvement.

Whether you are in need of a new kitchen, or you are wanting some tips on how you can prepare your home for a new buyer. Perhaps you want to bring out an extension or conservatory? Well look no further as this home improvement guide will tell you everything you need to know about improving your home.

Every home needs an upgrade once in a-while. But:

What Are The Benefits To Home Improvement?

A fresh new home, does not only make you and whoever lives there feel happier but you will also attract the likes of your friends and family who can also see a noticeable difference. That’s always satisfying!

Some home improvement’s are not always necessary, you might just be looking at add some double-glazing to try and reduce your heating bill. Although a reasonably cheap task, it’s also just as satisfying.

Do I Need Permission?

Home improvement permission

This all depends on where you are living. If you live in a conservation area, a flat or listed building you will need to request permission from the leaseholder for major things. Usually before you move in you will be notified on whether you have standardized development rights but if you can’t remember it’s always best to check because it could seriously cost you if you have breached your letting terms.

What About Painting And Decorating?

home improvement painting and decoratingAlthough some areas of a conservation area do require you to request permission in, when it comes down to minor amendments within your home such as, painting a decorating, maintenance and minor improvements like the double glazing windows we mentioned, you will be fine to do this. So long as you are sticking with similar materials which were used originally, there should not be an issue. You may run into problems if you are wanting to paint the exterior.  It is always advised to always double check with the landlord or tenancy holder before going ahead.

If you own your own home when you can paint it however you like. Use these Top Tips from the Pro’s when it comes down it it. Remember: If you are hiring someone for the exterior of your home, make sure you are given a full detailed quote, as there may be hidden charges which you will only know about once you get your bill.

Can I Get An Extension Or Conservatory?

home improvement extension conservatoryIf you are are living in a conservation area as we mentioned, these home improvement’s may deem more difficult to get permission for. It all depends mainly on the type of tenancy you have. If you are a secure tenant within this area you do have more of a right compared to an introductory tenant however you will need to ensure you get permission from the council before going ahead with your any of your extension or conservatory plans.

Building an extension on your home requires it to exceed no more than 50% of the original property land or extend more than 3 metres to 4 metres depending on if you are building a single story extension. Before actually going ahead with these plans, take a look at the Government’s Planning Portal which gives you more of an insight to what materials you can and cannot use and also the height/width of which you can build to.

Conservatories however, do not require any type of planning permission on your own home (permission does apply under the conservation area) depending you use different materials otherwise this would fall under planning regulations. But the same rules apply where you cannot exceed to building more than 50%.

How Can I Finance It?

You may have already been saving for this big overhaul – take advantage of this by ensuring you get cashbacks and rewards from spending your money. It will ensure customer protection and will inturn save you money elsewhere in the in the meantime.

home improvement finance

If you are looking at loans then there are also a number of reasonable options for you to choose from on how you can finance your home improvement. Some banks such as Halifax and Barclays provide you with a 0% interest on purchases credit cards or bank transfers. Alternatively you could look into peer-to-peer lending schemes. Here are a list of sites but be sure to look at return promises and hidden costs before committing your cash.

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