Keeping Your Conservatory Cool This Summer.

keeping your conservatory cool

With a predicted hot Summer this year, you want to prepare for those long hot days ahead. Having a conservatory in your home makes summer all that more exciting and relaxing. But nobody likes a hot conservatory – If you already have one or are looking to purchase one, here are our top 5 tips on what you can do to keep your conservatory cool this summer.

1. Solar-Roof/Tint

Initially when you first buy your conservatory, you can optionally decide whether you want a  solar roof/film fitted keeping your conservatory cool in. If you don’t want a hot conservatory – we suggest you get it. Essentially they are both the same thing, but with a few minor differences. You might want to do some research into which would be better for you but It is almost like putting a pair of sunglasses on your conservatory roof. Keeping out harmful UV rays and that blinding glare.

2. Supertint Poly

Alternatively, you could get a supertint poly roof. Again, this is much like the others we mentioned above however this material gives more coverage to your conservatory. It completely blocks out all glares and solar energy created by the sun and bounces the sun’s harmful rays back by 75%.

3. Blinds

Blinds are a great way of keeping heat in, but also trapping it out. Now, we aren’t talking about your standard slat blinds but more black-out and roller blinds. You can fork out and get thermal heat out protection blinds however, it keeping your conservatory cool would be more price effective to get standard black-out blinds. When choosing your blinds, we have found that the darker the blind colour the better they are at keeping your conservatory cool.

4. Ventilation

Last but not least, to help maintain a constant air flow make sure you have windows and doors open wide allowing air to flow freely around keeping your conservatory cool. It might bring some bees and insects in but at least you will be able to create a more steady temperature. By having them closed you are allowing the heat to stay in, like it is designed to do.

5. Air Con

keeping your conservatory cool Finally, this one of our more expensive tips. To actually buy and maintain. However, it is also the best way at keeping your conservatory cool for those long summer days. It’s worth doing some research on what would be the best coolers for your home. You can find ones which do both – keep the heat in and out.

We hope you found these ‘Keeping Your Conservatory Cool’ tips helpful when purchasing or updating your conservatory.

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