Laying the table for Autumn: Autumn Interior Trend


Its the 1st of September and the first day of Autumn. The kids will be going back to school or moving away to uni so you will have more time on your hands to think about the Autumn interior trends.

This season we are seeing a lot of white walls, subtle textures and neutral bronze colouring, similar to what we were seeing this time last year. We have put together the key elements of this seasons interior trends to help you create a cosy home for Autumn.


The days are drawing in which means you should really be making use of all the natural lighting you can get. One of the easiest tricks to making a brighter home is painting your walls a bright white. Not too bright though otherwise you may find yourself squinting as the sun comes through.

If you don’t fancy painting, try investing in some brighter lightbulbs. Use this guide from Which to help you decided the best brightness for your home. Be careful if you are putting brighter lighting against light walls as it may reflect and cause damage to your eyes.

Texture and Metallics

The Autumn season is about making your home cosy ready for Winter. One way you can do this is by introducing textured accessories to your home such as pillows and throws. If you want to go all out you could purchase new furniture to act as the texture around your home but it always looks better if you accessorise.

This season the 1920’s are really taking a shine, literally. So when accessorising your home, try and stick with neutral and metallic colours. Play around with reflection and different tones around your home. You can decide to use other colours such as blue and grey but try and stick to darker accessories which have a light background.


One concept the Autumn interior trend is seeing is open space, allowing the light to freely flow around the room. Don’t forget, less is more when it comes to your home interior. Leave your important items like the sofa and bookcase but try removing everything else to create a minimal, open space look and feel in your home. Nobody likes to feel claustrophobic, especially in their own home.

You can also create a more open space by removing the doors from around your home to make simple archways. You can easily fit your doors back in by following our simple step-by-step Fitting An Interior Door Guide.

We hope this has helped you to inspire you on ideas for this seasons Autumn interior trends.

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