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Canterbury Oak have began getting interested in a type of furniture which is creatively refreshing. After discovering the contemporary unique furniture designer Ilaria Bianchi we decided it was worth something to write about.

Waste Furniture

He uses a variety of different materials and everyday items to create such basic furniture pieces such as chairs and tables, however he has in own twist in the category “waste furniture”. One thing which is becoming more noticeable in most type of designers work is they are trying to stay as environmentally-friendly as possibly and using a very limited amount of harmful items/chemicals, and that’s exactly what this designer and his furniture represents.

The designer Ilaria Bianchi has designed a collection of furniture called “CastAway Furniture” and it re-models the contemporary recycled waste furniture look. Instead of him using your typical food wrappers, aluminium cans and comic strips – Which was also known as the “pop art” phase, he uses more general common waste which adds a strange contemporary look. He forces the waste features out of the items and re-writes the whole contextual look to recycled waste furniture.


The furniture pieces are all different from the next and all use a contrast of different materials – Ilaria creates a basic picture in peoples minds of what each collective item is but lets the materials take over the context. He offers change within his furniture pieces, for example:


This chair, which has clearly been modified from broken parts to a stand-up chair again, really proves the “changing” offer; as you do not commonly see a chair which is put together backwards. It almost brings fear into the equation of whether this chair is worthy enough of still seating by on a waste furniture design perspective this is a spontaneous and clever idea.




This piece here is represented as a coffee table however it looks like a mini-portable food cart, like the ones you find on trains and aeroplanes. This is another good example of the “change” within these items. It’s not everyday you see a coffee table with wheels.This coffee table is made up of what looks like marble, granite, wood and wheels – all waste items of course





Something which I am very impressed with, is the amount of colour used within the furniture pieces. When you think “Waste Furniture” – you think old drain pipes and rusty metal parts (or I do anyway!) So when I first ever glimpsed at the word “waste” I was automatically drowned by the thought of typical waste however after my discovery and research I was impressed that someone had thought more openly to the general waste of things such as wood, old rope and plastic and used this to spring interest within the furniture. A few good examples of this are:

Ilaria1This rustic bench brings me back to my primary school days,however it is far from being the same one which would have been found in school. Going back on topic of colour, I am sure you can already see what I mean with this; The pink luminous rope brings out the highlights in the wood and contrast perfectly with the dark rusty metal which is used to structure the bench.




This is one of my favourite pieces to the collection as I am amusedby the bright blue childs chair and the  large stick which has been cut down to fit as the chair legs. The two materials contrast nicely and work well together. Not only are these two items commonly found scrap pieces he continues to show his eco-friendly side by not using other pieces of plastic or metal which would need to be welded together.


Another thing which is noticeable throughout this designers work is the limited amount of construction which is used. It fascinates me how things can be strongly connected together and hold without using materials which are harmful to the environment.

marble chair

This chair, as you can see is made from probably 3 things:

  • Polystyrene
  • Wood
  • Nails

And more than likely, not much else. It is one of my favourite pieces for when I think about easy construction. – It looks as though Ilaria has literally picked up slabs of polystyrene and hoped they fit inside the wooden frames so he didn’t have to alter the beauty of waste. The fact the back support is larger than the body of the chair itself really gives the chair characteristic to interest people to sit on it.


Its almost twins to the chair we just looked at but this “bench” specifically relates to when I mentioned about construction. It is so simple and easy to look at and think about how it was constructed. One thing which I like about his choice of polystyrene, is the contrast from it being a fragile material to being able to support and hold people – You can even see the tears from the bottom of the sheets.

We hope you found this blog this blog useful – We have defiantly enjoyed reading about this new, contemporary styled furniture. If you want to get involved with the chat about waste furniture send us a tweet – @ChainstoreD

Here are a few more images from his “CastAway” collection:







bike table

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